An ANR Project on Content Shared Through P2P Recommendation & Opportunistic Social Environment

Un projet ANR sur Contenu Partagé par Recommendation Pair-à-Pair & Réseaux Sociaux Opportunistes

project description

Online social networks are among the most popular sites on the Web and continue to grow rapidly. They provide mechanisms to establish identities, share content and information, and create relationships. With the emergence of a new generation of powerful mobile devices that enable wireless ad hoc communication, it is time to extend social networking to the mobile world. Such an ad hoc social networking environment is full of opportunities. As opposed to the use of personal computers, a mobile phone is a strictly personal device, always on, with several wireless interfaces that include a short range communication with nearby nodes. Applications such as notification of status updates, sharing of user generated content, documents tagging, rating/recommendation and bookkeeping can be deployed “on the move” on top of contacts established through short range communication. It requires to deploy social networking applications in a delay tolerant manner using opportunistic social contacts as in a peer to peer network, as well as new advanced content recommendation engines.

The Prose project is a collective and multi-disciplinary effort to design opportunistic contact sharing schemes, and characterizes the environmental conditions, the usage constraint, as well as the algorithmic and architecture principles that let them operate. The partners of the Prose project will engage in this exploration through various expertise:  network measurement, traffic monitoring from a real application, system design, behavioral study, analysis of distributed algorithms, theory of dynamic graph, networking modeling, and performance evaluation. As part of this project, the partners will be involved in the analysis of the content received and accessed by users of a real commercial application (PlayAdz), and will participate to the design of a new promotion advertisement service.

Final Presentation

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