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Home Automation and Energy Management

The home is a convergence point for many different industries and workmanship (plumbers, utilities, electrical engineers, telecommunication operators …), all with long sets history and business practice. To allow this eco-system to evolve into the direction of the digital home, while preserving the interest of all these stake holders, the Paris R&I center has, in the scope of the AGORA industrial consortium, participated to defining standards mechanisms for communicating being these home eco-systems. The resulting –simple protocols – demonstrate cooperation between equipment and systems from different service operators, such as for instance the Internet gateway operated by a Telco and an alarm operated by a tele-surveillance electronic surveillance? company.

On the energy monitoring aspect algorithms and prototype systems have been designed to disaggregate consumption of individual appliances from one single aggregated home spanning power consumption measure. Basically this technology allows inferring how many individual appliances consume just by looking at the global power meter.

On the Energy management side, the work of the Lab concentrates saving on energy bills of individual houses or large groups of houses by smoothing the power consumption of consumers. Techniques for doing so include deferring usage of equipment when possible, and storing of energy in batteries when demand is low.