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The 16th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking: (Mobicom, Chicago 20-24 September 2010)

ACM S3 2010 Workshop: The second Wireless  workshop of the Students, by the Students held in conjunction with:  ACM MobiCom and ACM MobiHoc 2010, Chicago, Illinois, USA, September 20, 2010.

Anna Kaisa Pietilainen was the system session co-chair for the s3 workshop. Henrik Lundgren gave the prizes to the selected best paper authors as the representative of Technicolor, one of the main sponsors of the event. Our former intern Xia Zhou (UCSB) is one the Elevator Pitch winners. Henrik Lundgren (Technicolor) was part of the jury.

We presented 2 papers and one poster:

  •  Paper presentation at Mobicom on a Multi-User MIMO prototype for indoor WLANs built in collaboration with Rice University. E. Aryafar, N. Anand, T. Salonidis and E. Knightly, “Design and Experimental Evaluation of Multi-User Beamforming in Wireless LANs”, Proceedings of ACM MobiCom 2010, Chicago, IL, USA.
  • Paper presentation at the WinTech workshop on the performance of IEEE 802.11n MIMO at high data rates. K. Pelechrinis, T. Salonidis, H. Lundgren, and N. Vaidya, “Experimental Characterization of 802.11n Link Quality at High Rates”, Proceedings of ACM MobiCom WinTECH 2010, Chicago, IL, USA.
  •  Poster presentation at Mobicom Student Research Competition (SRC) on our WiFi backpressure architecture for multi-hop wireless networks. R. Laufer, T. Salonidis, H. Lundgren, and P. LeGuyadec, “Design and Implementation of Backpressure Scheduling in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks: From Theory to Practice” (Poster), Proceedings of ACM MOBICOM 2010, Chicago, IL.

Poster presentation at Mobicom 2010 on our ongoing work on a smart wireless home environment. P. Srikantha, M. Carrera, M. May, “Traffic Shaping in Wireless Home Networks”

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