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Christophe Diot

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1 rue Jeanne d'Arc
92443 Issy les Moulineaux cedex - France

What's new:

Technicolor just launched a new research center in Palo Alto. Next time you are in the bay area, please stop by and give a talk.

CoNext, an ACM SIGCOMM conference, has quickly become the top-notch winter event in computer communication, also known as the "winter Sigcomm". Stay tune as we  organize CoNext 2012 in Nice.

Paris Networking is a virtual community where all talks and presentations in the area of computer networks are announced. The easiest way to be connected to your research community in the Paris region.


Short Bio:

I have a PhD in Computer Science (INP Grenoble, FRANCE, January 1991) and an HDR (INP Grenoble, September 1996). I joined INRIA Sophia Antipolis in October 1993 where I worked with Christian Huitema, Jean Bolot and Walid Dabbous. Sprint Advanced technology Labs (October 1998 to April 2003) gave me the opportunity to build a new research group which objective was to understand the Internet backbone performance and help with engineering and design. We designed a unique measurement infrastructure made of GPS synchronized packet traces, routing events, SNMP data, and active probing. In 2003, I moved INTEL Research in Cambridge where we created a multi-disciplinary research group to help INTEL identify and develop promising new technologies. This is where we started Pocket Switched Networks, among other cool projects. I joined THOMSON in Paris in October 2005 to launch a research center on new communication services and platforms for content delivery (including but not limited to video!). From July 2008 to April 2009, I acted as the CTO of Thomson Corporate Research. In May 2009, I became Chief Scientist for Thomson, in charge of long term innovation strategy and relationship with academics (among other stuff :-).

In January 2010, THOMSON became TECHNICOLOR. This is more than a company name change, it is a new culture and a new era for our company. Lets hope that I will be able to save some time for generating new ideas and write a couple of papers :-) 

In 2011, I spent a year in Palo Alto to help Jean Bolot start a new reserach center dedicated to user knowledge, recommentation and privacy.

I am an ACM Fellow since 2006. I am not a member of the IEEE.


Research interests:

Moving up the stack, my research interests focus more on how to deliver personalized information to the user, which includes:

  • Delivery architectures, leveraging Cloud and personal devices
  • Personalization (recommendation, discovery, automated profile construction)
  • Metadata workflow (Real-time annotation of video)




FIGARO proposes an evolvable home gateway centric Internet architecture. FIGARO place the residential network(s) at the heart of the content delivery architecture.

Please visit La Grenouille, and if you live in France, install their client. You can also visit the C'MON project which goal is to deploy cooperative monitoring techniques in the Grenouille client.




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Tech Reports:

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Other publications:

Click here for my most up-to-date and complete list of publications and reports.